This documentary has been shot in cooperation with the Marine protection organization Hard To Port (www.hardtoport.org). The photos were taken August 25th 2018 in Hvalfjörður, Iceland, when two ships of the commercial whaling company Hvalur hf landed at the whaling station. I aimed to capture this very last journey of whale number 102 (the 102nd whale they captured and killed during this season). Fighting against the unnecessary slaughtering of these beautiful wild animals has become one of my main focuses and I am proud to be part of the Hard To Port media team and interested in working with all kinds of environmental and animal rights organizations in the future.
Vietnam 2015
Back in February 2015, at the age of 18, I was traveling through Vietnam with my old Nikon D5100 and a single very shitty lens. I didn't show those photos to anyone for a long time because I was not satisfied, blaming my equipment for it. By now, more than five years later, I finally understand that those photos are the product of how I perceived Vietnam at the age of 18 and there is no reason not to show them to anyone, even five years after I actually took them.
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