This documentary has been shot in cooperation with the Marine protection organization Hard To Port (www.hardtoport.org). The photos were taken August 25th 2018 in Hvalfjörður, Iceland, when two ships of the commercial whaling company Hvalur hf landed at the whaling station. I aimed to capture this very last journey of whale number 102 (the 102nd whale they captured and killed during this season). Fighting against the unnecessary slaughtering of these beautiful wild animals has become one of my main focuses and I am proud to be part of the Hard To Port media team and interested in working with all kinds of environmental and animal rights organizations in the future.
Horses in German Carnival

As a part of my activism in the animal rights movement and my former profession as an Equine photographer, I started capturing horses during German carnival processions in Bonn (2018) and Cologne (2020). I strongly vote against the participation of horses (as flight animals) in any kind of mass events - especially as the presence of horses is completely unnecessary when it comes to the "atmosphere" of such cultural events, as the Carnival processions in 2019 have proven, which happened to take place without horses due to stormy weather.
When I look at these photos, all I see is fear. I see stressed and frightened and even panicking horses which feel absolutely uncomfortable in a situation they are, given their nature as flight animals, not made for. I will go on documenting the horror in their faces while they are forced to walk through thousands of cheering, screaming people and loud music until this cruel tradition finally comes to an end. 
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